Complete Darkness Comic Issue 1

“Great futuristic ideas to keep even the hardest of hard sci-fi fans happy, mingled with a spiritual and historical plotline that throws together two worlds that rarely mingle but do so here in explosive fashion!”
World Geekly News

In the near future (2242) we manage to map dark matter – only to find out that it is ‘Hell’. Cue carnage on a serious level as the devil himself seeks to wipe us out, but inadvertently grants superpowers to a loner guy who might just be the only thing that can then save us all.

This first issue shows the world of 2242 and footage of a ‘starlight bounce’ that details action that occurred far in the past – but which will have resolution in the future.

Further issues will see battlemages fight mech soldiers, robots doing things you probably never thought they could and a fabled elderly pilot spinning tall tales of daring-do… Oh, and the day of carnage itself…

Complete Darkness the novel has topped Amazon charts, was picked by Den of Geek UK as one of their ‘Top Books of the Year’ alongside Philip Pullman’s Book of Dust as well as being ‘Book of the week’ for several newspapers at launch.

The artist is the ultra-talented Karl Brown, comic book Artist and Illustrator from Nothern Ireland. He’s a lifelong fan of 2000 AD and classic 1970s and 80s Science Fiction. He published his first work in 2015 An Android Awakes which was also an Amazon Best Seller and is still available where all good comics are sold.