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15 questions for our interesting author spotlight Matt Adcock

‘Today we speak with Matt Adcock who was kind enough to spend time sharing with authors…
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Short story: What waits for us in the Dark (Matter)?
A Darkmatters Universe Fragment

It is well scientifically documented that the dark has always frightened mankind. From our earliest cave-dwelling ancestors huddling around fires through to our high-tech London2 megacity habitats of 2242 which are floodlit day and night – we are hard-wired to fear something in the gloom.

Once the lights go out, our primate minds begin to panic, subconsciously at first, our core human DNA warning triggers fire, possibly for fear of being attacked by predatory beings.

Fear of darkness itself, which in extreme forms is known as ‘nyctophobia’ is lurking somewhere inside us all to varying degrees. It’s not the darkness itself that’s frightening but, as stated, rather the fear of what the darkness masks. And the largest ‘mass’ of darkness in the universe is the unknown substance we term ‘Dark Matter’.

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Can some of us ‘sense’ Hell?

“For centuries many have pondered the prospect of an afterlife and feared what came to be known as ‘Hell’.

In the near future, we map the elusive ‘dark matter’ around us, only to find out that it is Hell itself, and it is very real…”

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